Anook Cléonne


The first impression of the still lifes of Anouk Cleonne Visser is one of groups of carelessly made stone bottles or jars, randomly placed as if the process of grouping them together has not been completed yet. Unglazed, unfinished, they are waiting in silence
Non the less they retain the gaze of people looking at them, by virtue of their primitive simplicity.
Anouk Cleonne reduces traditional forms and volumes to their elementary component parts, the way an image in two dimensions can be reduced to a simple harmony of lines and figures. Cylinders, cones, disks, rings. In these still lifes- she calls them Conversation Pieces- they express themselves in their own way, having been set free from their usual subservient functions. The different forms are lossely stacked, turned, somtimes contorted as much as the material will suffer, sometimes simply inverted, thus creating the dynamic power of the compsition
The intimacy of her still lifes may invoke the intimacy of simple dayly routines. Some will recognize the sober tranquillity that can be so clearly felt in 17th century Vanitas still lifes and in the works of the Spanish painters Cotan and Zubaran, which have profoundly influenced the work of the artist

13x12cm, 14x10cm, 13.5x11cm

"threesome" detail

"solitude standing"
both 52x16cm

"conversation piece white"
9 objects 14x7.5cm-8x6cm

"dubbele vaas"
31x12cm and 27x12cm


"deel detail"

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