Anne van der Waerden


It has been a very long time since the ceramic works of Anne van der Waerden were last exhibited.
Gallery Carla Koch is, therefore, delighted to be able to put together an exhibition from the large number of available objects made by this artist.
Both work produced by vd Waerden herself and objects created in collaboration with Kees Hoogendam, will be on display.
Anne v.d.Waerden is one of our most important ceramic artists. Her education at the Rietveld Academy is followed by a productive and successful period with many exhibitions and purchases by collectors and nearly all museums in the Netherlands.
She makes both turned and constructed objects, vase and clock shapes, stacked and simple. Always originating from the basic idea that a ceramic shape needs to be hollow, thus enclosing a space, as a result of which pressure is created. The finish with a glaze is very beautiful and identifiable by the very tranquil colours she uses. A glaze is never used as a means of decoration but merely to emphasize the shape. The combination of strict self-imposed restraints and her striving for utmost perfection make her work process complicated and time-consuming.

Collaboration with Kees Hogendam, established in 1985. Together with him she makes man-sized high pots. Hogendam is particularly specialised in turning and partly as a result of his technical skills vd Waerden is able to work faster and create bigger projects. Where the two ceramists have a different view with respect to material, jointly finding a solution forms a challenge.

Glass Previously, Anne van der Waerden had produced larger-sized monuments in flat glass. Later, upon request of a glass factory in Leerdam, she has glass objects made. Her fascination with this material results in her leaving ceramics and applying herself entirely to glass.


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