Alexandra Engelfriet


In the work of Alexandra Engelfriet everything is created from the interaction with clay. Her work is a study of the nature of this material, tactile and sensual, in relation to body and mind. By applying force from various angles, bumps and hollows are created, the material stretches, shrinks and bursts open. Fingers, fists, feet and elbows leave their marks. Texture is also created through surface printing of different materials, such as fabric. The shapes formed this way appear to start moving upon the slightest touch.

As a visual artist, Alexandra Engelfriet has been working with the earth's malleable materials for more than 12 years: silt, clay, sand, mud, soil and snow.
The starting point was repeatedly starting a process with the material, each time in different indoor spaces or at locations outside. She worked starting from movement and through physical contact with the material, thus allowing the work to develop within that space.
Outside she worked with the materials she encountered there and with the local forces of nature. At the bottom of the Waddenzee she created, during the six hours that the shallows were dry, huge spore images that, when the tide rose, were swallowed by the sea


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