Ingrid Arts


Although Ingrid Arts (1968) already has a whole career behind her (and unquestionably still has the major part in front of her), she has just completed extra "Glass" studies at the IKA in Mechelen. From 1998, we recall the glass works with "cages" and "royal children" which formed subtle and sometimes humorous metaphors for both the fragility and the "sanctity" of life. In the works of 2001 such as Offering Strength, Closed Protection and Vital Force, she assembles multiple components. The life force is now held in a kind of cabinet shape, which inevitably allude to the tiny, devotional shrines found along roadsides all over Flanders and the Netherlands (and even more so in the past). But they could also be altarpieces or tabernacles. She herself calls them "little temples"; in any case they are where the "enspirited" can find sanctuary.

"Drifting away"


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