Jan van der Vaart

17-10-1931 The Hague 08-11-2000 Leiden

Primarily autodidact, he mades unique and series objects.
In both cases use is made of casting. In the case of series, all the forms come from one mould. For unique objects several parts are cast separately and later combined into a whole. Of the series objects, Van der Vaart's tulip vases are best known at home and abroad.

He also made Designs for Rosenthal AG and Makkum (both ceramics) and for the Glass factory Royal Leerdam

multiple 90, specialy made for the 'Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1990
for the exhibition "Unique and multiple"
h. 33, br 22.5, d. 11cm

multiple 97
h. 35, br 20,5 d. 13cm

multiple 90
h. 19,5, br 16 , d 8cm

multiple 97
h. 27, br 16, d. 8cm


multiple 00
h. 37, br 14, h. d. 14cm

unicum 89
h. 11, br 25, d 24cm

nr. 9
unicum 89
h. 27, br. 25, d. 22cm

as nr. 9


nr. 10
h 29 cm


nr. 11
h 26cm

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