Jane Reumert


Reumert creates ultra-fine porcelain, which obtains its stunning appearance due to wood/salt firing.
The fanciful shapes are partly a result of the method of firing. The pots are not placed inside the kiln, yet suspended from a support.
In addition to the patterns formed by the fire, Reumert also decorates her objects, never using bright colours, but usually in brown, ochre and black.

Throughout her extensive career, Reumert has divided her work into functional ceramics and one-of-a-kind pieces. She has become a master in both disciplines.
Her work is the result of an unusual development progress, in other professions referred to as 'research'. With tremendous stamina and despite innumerable failures, she has succeeded in developing eggshell-thin materials.
This ultra-translucency can be found in all her objects, from the tiniest shell shapes to oversized objects. The wood/salt firing gives the skin a soft light-coloured sheen.
Gallery Carla Koch is proud to exhibit this exceptional work by this famous ceramist in the Netherlands. Work by Jane Reumert has been included in numerous museum collections all over the world.






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