Kaat Pauwels

1968, Ghent, Belgium

Kaat Pauwels about her work

Clay in its pure form.
The matter creates the expression.
The form is a spontaneous process, a discovery.
The matter itself is the drive, the reference.
Inspiration arises from studying the organic material.
A subtle movement gives a voice to the piece, makes it fanciful, surprising and intriguing.

Workpieces are built up layer upon layer from bottom to top, using clayrolls. During the build-up, a clay structure is added to these forms drawing a line pattern on the clay.
The point of departure are the basic forms, vases and bowl shapes that become recast. From a concentration and empathic point of view, the forms will find their own equilibrium at the very moment.
For this series, light-coloured clay was selected, which makes the lines cast a shadow and the overall piece gain a sense of changeability and movement.
Although this moulding method requires technical skills, the content and the matter of the work comes to the foreground. Craft and technical skills as possible properties of ceramics are not the objective as such, but they do support the work. Together they shape the uniqueness of the work.

In recent years, non-toxic materials have been used. Clay was thus composed and clay glazing used. This application is not only used from a popular environmental point of view but rather because of its fitness for this new series of works. Periods of intensive moulding are alternated with studies into solutions with natural materials. While these findings are very fascinating, they are not extensively documented and intensive testing will be necessary.
It is already worth the while; as for graphics for example, which increasingly involve working with non-toxic materials, I am looking for further possibilities of working with natural materials that yield quality in ceramics.

h.49 cm,diameter feet 14cm

object specially made for the 20st anniversary exhibition of Galerie Carla Koch

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