Koen Vanderstukken

1964, Wilrijk, Belgium

Vanderstukken is known for his tall, sculptural glass objects, who usually resemble a human figure or an African mask. Their skin is always rough, and by his use of pigments he creates the impression his objects are actually made of ceramics.
Vanderstukken always creates series of objects sharing a name and a theme. His series 'Earthborn' and 'Shadows', both consisting of sculptural work, were well received. Then he experimented with flat wall panels named 'Rip'. Gallery Carla Koch exhibited these panels at the 2003 KunstRAI in Amsterdam. His new 'Born Again' series has a smoother skin, more abstract decorations and more subtle movements than his older work.

Koen Vanderstukken (1964, Wilkrijk, Belgium) was educated as a chemist and then as a glass artist, first by Dieter Dornheim, later by Miloslava Svobodova at the Institute for Arts and Crafts in Mechelen, Begium were he later became a teacher.Since 2007 he lives and works in Canada.

Vanderstukken casts his objects in moulds. First he creates a mould from sand, and he sprinkles pigments in them. Then he casts the glass into the mould, and applies pigments to the object's back. Before moving the object to the cooling oven, he creates the typical roundings and movements. The cooling process may take weeks.

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