Paula Bastiaansen


Royal Academy for Art and Design, Den Bosch
Paula Bastiaansen's objects are always extremely fragile forms, based on the bowl but with many fine offshoots. Her objects, which are very light of themselves, suggest total weightlessness, partially because of the bone-china she uses as her basic material.
Apart from weightlessness, Bastiaansen is "fascinated by continuous movement in natural and cosmic processes". She expresses this fascination through the slow turning movement all her objects suggest.
Although her objects are clearly based on the bowl form, in recent years they have evolved into spatial structures. Any "enclosing walls" have been removed completely.

Paula Bastiaansen (1953) was educated at the Koninklijke Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Bastiaansen is a ceramicist first and foremost; she cannot envision ever working with another material.
Over the years she has developed her own forms and techniques, which have been recognized internationally. Recently she won the Bronze Award of the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, the jury especially praising her fragile techniques and her mastery of her material. Paula Bastiaansen is a teacher at the School voor Expressie at Roozendaal, the Netherlands.

Paula Bastiaansen starts by drawing a new object, and covering this drawing with transparent plastic. She then forms a very thin layer of bone-china, and cuts it up into pieces. She assembles these pieces on top of her drawing, dries it a bit and then puts it in a bowl-formed mould. Finally she forms the fine offshoots and folds and fires the object.
By this procedure she creates her recognizable, fragile and moving objects.

diameter 33cm

diameter 28cm

diameter 28cm

diameter 32cm

diameter 33cm

diameter 33cm

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